How To Sanitize Humidifier


Are you looking for ways to sanitize and clean your humidifier?

Do you want to try cleaning it with bleach?

Have you heard about the cleaning properties of bleach and want to know how you can carefully use it?

  • A humidifier can cause serious issues when not sanitized well 
  • The best way to remove germs from humidifiers is using bleach 
  • Learn how to make a bleach solution for cleaning a humidifier 
  • Plus, how to effectively clean and disinfect humidifier at home

***NOTE: Know exactly how much humidity is in your air at home. A great hygrometer will reliably detect your home humidity levels whenever and wherever you need to know them.

If you are not sure about how you can use bleach to clean your humidifier and want to try it so that the device does not get harmed, we can share the required details with you here. First we discuss whether or not you really have to sanitize the humidifier, and what could happen if it is not cleaned. We also talk about why bleach can be a good choice in disinfecting things and why it can be good for your humidifier. Also, we give you detailed step by step instructions to prepare a bleach solution at home that you can use to clean your humidifier properly and not cause any harm.

So, why do you need to sanitize your humidifier?

A humidifier is a kind of small machine or device that you place in your home or room and that contains water which it then evaporates into the air. This is finally the clean air that you will be directly breathing in, and as a result, it is really important that you clean your humidifier regularly and properly.

  • If you have not cleaned your humidifier properly, there are a lot of chances that it can cause serious health and other issues.
  • When you leave the water in the humidifier’s water tank for a long time, it becomes a breeding ground for germs that can cause health problems.
  • This can be even more dangerous if the humidifier has developed bacteria or mildew, as in this case, it can lead to cases of contamination.
  • When the humidifier is not cleaned regularly, it can lead to rashes on the skin as well as itching or dryness in the eyes, which could also be signs of a contamination from the humidifier that is happening due to the mildew or bacteria.
  • In some cases, if you suffer from a mould contamination, you may also feel nauseous, dizzy, have headaches or suffer from asthma attacks. In case you are already prone to asthma attacks, the mould contamination can worsen the condition.

How does bleach disinfect things?

Bleaches mainly come in two types – there are chlorine bleaches and there are non-chlorine bleaches.

  • Both types of bleaches are types of chemicals that are also known as oxidative agents.
  • This means that, when you use bleach, it causes a chemical reaction which is known as oxidation.
  • When bleach comes in contact with germs, bacteria and other harmful organisms, it causes oxidation that can effectively help to remove the germs and help in the disinfecting process.

Why is it a good idea to use bleach to sanitize a humidifier?

There are quite a few good reasons to use bleach to help sanitize your humidifier.

  • This is a very inexpensive way to keep your humidifier clean and free of germs and has strong disinfecting properties.
  • It can remove any trace of mildew or dirt present in the device.
  • Not just that, in addition to removing dirt, it is also very effective at removing dangerous germs, bacteria, viruses that could cause cold, cough or flu, as well as some of the deadly bacteria such as E.coli and salmonella. 

How to Make Bleach Solution to Disinfect and Clean a Humidifier

How to make a bleach solution to disinfect things and how to use it to clean a humidifier

Making a bleach solution at home to disinfect the humidifier

You can follow this step by step tutorial to make your very own bleach solution at home, that you can then use to disinfect the humidifier.

You will need:

  • A container that can hold the required amount of water
  • 1 tsp of bleach
  • 1 gallon of water

How to make it:

  • 1
    Fill the container with the water.
  • 2
    Mix the bleach into the water.
  • 3
    Make sure you do not use more than 1 tsp of bleach, else it can cause damage to the humidifier.

How to Clean a Humidifier Effectively at Home

You can follow this step by step tutorial to effectively clean the humidifier at home.

You will need:

  • The bleach solution that you prepared
  • The humidifier
  • A soft wash cloth

How to clean it:

  • 1
    Hold the humidifier with both hands and open it in such a way that the top part gets detached from the base of the device.
  • 2
    Before you start the cleaning, make sure that there is no water in the humidifier. You can throw out any traces of water that may be left in the device.
  • 3
    Also, make sure that you unplug the device from the electric outlet, so that there is no risk of any electrocution.
  • 4
    Take the nozzle out of the device.
  • 5
    There will also be an opening kind of thing that you can turn and take off, so remove that as well.
  • 6
    At the base of the humidifier, the separate section that came out, you will notice a demineralization cartridge. If you do not have one in your humidifier, you can also buy it separately if you so wish to. During the cleaning part, make sure to also remove this demineralization cartridge from the device, so that it does not get damaged in any way by the bleach.
  • 7
    This will give you a clear base to work with.
  • 8
    Now fill up the base of the humidifier with the bleach and water solution all the way till the brim. Once done, very gently keep it aside.
  • 9
    Now you have to add the rest of the bleach and water solution to the other part of the device, the one that has the transparent body where you can see the water getting filled inside.
  • 10
    Empty the bleach and water solution in this part of the container.
  • 11
    At this point, you can also take the nozzle and place it inside the bleach water solution, so that it can also soak in the cleaning solution. This will help to remove any traces of dirt or germs from the nozzle as well. To this, also add the other thing that you took out along with the nozzle.
  • 12
    Let all the parts soak for about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • 13
    Use the wash cloth to wipe the insides of the device, especially if you notice any areas that look a little dirty.
  • 14
    Once done, throw out all the remaining bleach and water solution into the sink and rinse with regular water. Leave them to dry out completely before the next use.

Can you sanitize a humidifier using chemical cleaning solutions? Is it a bad idea?

While there are other methods of cleaning your humidifier, it is probably best to stay away from types of chemical cleaning solutions, such as baking soda or hydrogen peroxide. Baking soda does not work against most of the germs and bacteria, especially E.coli and salmonella and this could eventually cause a real threat to your health. Also, concentrated hydrogen peroxide can be dangerous to use in a home setting improperly. At the end of the day, bleach also has it's own disadvantages and precautions to keep in mind but it will still be the most effective disinfectant readily available in most homes.

Lastly, always remember to make sure to use ANY type of chemical cleaning solution carefully! Read the directions and precautions printed on the containers and be sure to take care in handling the contents by keeping yourself safe with gloves and other protective accessories when necessary.

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