How To Sterilize Crane Humidifier

  • Gain a better understanding of the parts of a Crane humidifier 
  • Learn how to clean and disinfect the humidifier using vinegar 
  • Plus, know how often you should be cleaning your humidifier 

Do you have a Crane humidifier at home?

Are you trying to find out detailed step by step instructions to clean it?

Do you want to know how you can clean a Crane humidifier using vinegar and how often to clean it?

***NOTE: Know exactly how much humidity is in your air at home. A great hygrometer will reliably detect your home humidity levels whenever and wherever you need to know them.

If you are looking for ways to clean your Crane humidifier and how to keep it in good working condition, we have some very essential tips and information for you today. We are essentially talking about everything related to cleaning a Crane humidifier, about its different parts, detailed instructions on how you can clean it with vinegar and more about how often you need to clean it.  

What does a Crane humidifier typically look like? 

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A Crane humidifier  is a type of humidifier that is shaped a little like the bird crane. It has a very cute child-friendly design and the design looks as if the body of the device is moving upwards to the neck to join the head and beak of the crane at the top.

What are the parts of the Crane humidifier?

Before you start to clean the Crane humidifier, it is important that you understand the different parts so that you can clean each of them in the right way. Here is a look at the different parts of the Crane humidifier.

  • The cone which is at the top of the humidifier and has a nozzle type opening at the top for the steam to come out.
  • The tank of the humidifier, which is the middle portion of the humidifier and has a hole in the middle.
  • At the bottom of this tank you have the mechanism that helps you take out the cap and fill in the water.
  • The bottom of the tank also has various holes that are used for various purposes, such as for the light to show, for the fan from where the air or the mist comes out and so on.
  • The round shaped bottom or base of the humidifier is known as the basin.
  • The basin has a light which will either be red in colour if the water has run out, or green in colour at other times.
  • The basin also has a slot which is meant for the fan.
  • There is a small round thing in the middle of the basin which turns the water into the mist.
  • On the outer side of the basin you will find a big knob which is the switch to turn the device on or off.
  • It also has a power cord that has to be attached to a power socket to power up the device to make it work.

Is it generally easy to clean?

The Crane humidifier is more or less easy to clean and you can easily do so at home on your own, without too much effort or trouble.

How To Clean Your Crane Humidifier (Disinfect with White Vinegar)

It is important to clean your Crane humidifier thoroughly at least once a week, and using white vinegar can help remove any traces of germs and make it ready for use.

Here are some easy to follow step by step instructions on how you can clean your Crane humidifier with the help of white vinegar:

You will need:

  • 3 tbsp. of white distilled vinegar from a brand of your choice (the measurement is 1 part per 32 ounce)
  • Measuring cup or spoon for the vinegar
  • 64 ounces of warm water for the tank and 32 ounces of warm water for the base
  • A container to hold the water in
  • Regular water to rinse the parts

How To Clean A Crane Humidifier (STEP-BY-STEP)

  • 1
    Hold the top of the device and pull it slightly upwards so that it comes out of the base.
  • 2
    Take off the top cap.
  • 3
    Now turn the part upside down and unscrew the cap to open up the part through which you fill in water.
  • 4
    Empty all the water into the sink.
  • 5
    Pour in the warm water into the tank.
  • 6
    Now add the 2 tbsp. of white vinegar into the tank inside the water.
  • 7
    Screw the lid of the cap back on.
  • 8
    Now pick up the tank and give it a nice shake for at least 20 to 30 seconds. This will help the water and white vinegar solution spread to all parts inside the tank so that it can clean every area thoroughly.
  • 9
    Once you have shaken up the solution, place it on a sturdy surface and let it sit for at least 40 to 50 minutes.
  • 10
    In the meanwhile, you can start cleaning up the bottom portion of the device.
  • 11
    Pick up the bottom portion and throw out all the water into the sink.
  • 12
    Now you have to repeat the same white vinegar and water solution process for this part of the device too.
  • 13
    Start by filling out 32 ounces of warm water and pour it inside the base. Now add a tbsp. of white vinegar into the water and pour it in such a way that you can spread it evenly through the water.
  • 14
    Make sure that you don’t fill too much water and the plug area does not get submerged in water.
  • 15
    Since you cannot shake this up, you can let it sit on a sturdy surface for at least 30 to 40 minutes so that the white vinegar and water solution can work on the device and help to clean it thoroughly.

Last Part of Humidifier Cleaning - Crane

  • 1
    Once the tank has been sitting for 40 to 50 minutes you can pick it up and give it a nice shake again for about 20 to 30 seconds.
  • 2
    Now you have to unscrew the cap and tilt the tank so that you can throw out all the water and white vinegar solution into the sink.
  • 3
    Once the water is out, turn on the tap and rinse the tank with the fresh water so that you can get rid of any of the vinegar smell.
  • 4
    You can fill in the tank with tap water, put the cap back on tight and give it a nice shake, then throw out the water. You can repeat this process for a few times till you get satisfied that the smell of vinegar is gone.
  • 5
    Once the base has been sitting for 30 to 40 minutes, dump out the water and rinse it under the tap to get the vinegar smell off it.

How often do you need to clean your Crane humidifier?

If you want your Crane humidifier to work well and want to increase and maintain its performance, it is important that you clean it on a very regular basis. If you do not clean it often, the bacteria may breed in the stagnant water and cause damage to the device, as well as be harmful for your overall health.

You should clean your Crane humidifier daily by taking off the tank of the device from the base and emptying out the water from both the tank and the basin. You need to give it a deeper cleaning with a disinfecting agent at least once a week.

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