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Are you thinking of buying a humidifier for your home or space?

Do you want to know the difference between warm and cool mist humidifiers before you buy one?

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***NOTE: Know exactly how much humidity is in your air at home. A great hygrometer will reliably detect your home humidity levels whenever and wherever you need to know them.

Buying the right type of humidifier can make a lot of difference in the way it will work for you. So, before you buy one, it’s important that you understand exactly how which type of humidifier works. Today, we can help you take a detailed look at the way in which certain types of humidifiers work, so that you can understand whether or not they are very different from each other, or if you can actually go ahead and buy one without thinking too much about it. We’ll share with you five main pointers on which you can decide how different or similar they are, and which one seems to suit your needs the most, so take a look and decide for yourself.

Cool Mist Versus Warm Mist Humidifiers: Do they provide different benefits?

The main purpose of using a humidifier in your room is to release more moisture into the air, so that it can help to maintain the right amount of humidity in the air and keep you healthy overall.

  • Both warm and cool mist humidifiers essentially do just that and the final results that you will get by using a warm or cool mist humidifier will be the same.
  • However, as the name suggests, both the types of humidifiers are a little different in the way that they help add moisture and humidity in the air.
  • A warm mist humidifier gives out warm mist into the air, as a result of which, the level of moisture and humidity in the air in that room increases.
  • A cool mist humidifier gives out cool steam into the air, as a result of which, the level of moisture and humidity in the air in that room increases.

Cool Mist vs. Warm Mist Humidifier: 5 Ways They Are Different

While the end result may be same, here are a few differences that you should keep in mind before you decide whether you want to buy a warm mist humidifier or a cool mist one.

1. The temperature of mist it emits is different

  • Keeping the name in mind, the temperature of the mist that is released by both types of humidifiers is quite different.
  • A cool mist humidifier dispels steam into the air, where the mist is not really very cool or cold, but is more of a room temperature. However, it may make the overall temperature of the room a little cooler or chillier than it naturally is.
  • On the other hand, a warm mist humidifier throws out hot water into the air, which first reaches boiling point and then gets out of the device and into the air. These are at quite a high temperature and are hot enough to cause burns in case it comes in immediate contact with skin. This is one of the reasons that those who have babies or small children in the house often prefer to use a cool mist humidifier instead of a warm mist one, so that there are no accidental instances of burn.

2. Better for large areas or for a smaller room

  • The type of humidifier that you want to buy should also be based on the size of the room where you want to use it.
  • If you are looking to buy a humidifier that you want to use in a large room, or even to be used for the entire house, a cool mist humidifier is what you should look at.
  • On the other hand, if you want to use the humidifier only in one small part of the house, or use it in a small room, you can easily use a warm mist humidifier. The reason why it may not be suited for a bigger room or for the entire house is that, by the time it may reach all areas of the bigger room or the house, the mist may turn cooler, almost similar to what you may get when you use a cool mist humidifier.

3. The way in which it creates mist

  • Cool mist humidifiers are of two types – a cool mist evaporative humidifier and a cool mist impeller humidifier.
  • The first type of cool mist humidifier uses a wick that absorbs water from the reservoir. It has a fan inside, which then blows out air across the filter, and as a result, the air evaporates and turns into a fine cool mist. This is the cool mist that is released into the air.
  • The second type of humidifier has an electric motor that moves a small spinning disc which moves very fast. This movement then sprays out water into the diffuser, and when that happens, the water breaks down into very tiny droplets which are then released into the air as a cool mist.
  • On the other hand, a warm mist humidifier contains a part inside the main device that helps to heat up the water inside the humidifier. It first boils the water and once the water reaches a boiling point, it is released into the air as a warm or hot mist.

4. The amount of noise it creates

  • One of the main differences that you may notice in the way a cool mist humidifier and a hot mist humidifier work are in the amount of noise that they create.
  • A cool mist humidifier does not electricity to heat the water, but instead, it uses a motor inside it that helps to move the fan, which then helps to release cool water out into the air. As a result, it can be a little noisy, and if you are looking for absolute quiet, you may find the noise quite noticeable.
  • On the other hand, a warm mist humidifier does not contain any internal fan or a motor that works in a similar way, and instead, it uses electricity to heat the water. As a result, you may find that a warm mist humidifier is almost absolutely noiseless, where it may not make any sound at all and can rather be extraordinarily quiet. 

5. The amount of electricity which is needed to run it

  • A cool mist humidifier uses the wick method and does not need to boil water, as a result of which it uses less electricity.
  • A warm mist humidifier has to first boil the water and then dispel it, which makes it use more electricity.

Which Is Better: A Warm or Cool Mist Humidifier? Which Should I Choose?

The differences in a cool mist and a warm mist humidifier are quite basic, but there are still quite a few points that could make one more suitable for your use than the other. For instance, if you have small babies at home, a cool mist humidifier may be safer, while a quieter one can help baby sleep better. On the other hand, if you are going to use the humidifier for a long period of time, you may also want to take the electricity usage into consideration.

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